There are numerous perfect spots to visit in Lefkada, Whether you want to visit a historical centre or essentially go touring, Lefkada has everything. In Lefkada, you are certain to discover something for the entire family to appreciate, as you will effectively discover a fascination for every last person.


There are many sights to see in beautiful Lefkada, some of the more popular activities include, the Monastery of Faneromeni, the Cape of Lefkada, and the Castle of Agia Mavra.


Monastery of Faneromeni and the story of Sappho

The Monastery of Faneromeni is known for its tranquil environment, is located within the Lush green mountains, and is surrounded with all that is beautiful in nature. In the monastery, you can expect to find icons, a Byzantine museum, monks that live on the grounds and even a zoo with friendly animals. Many also love visiting the Monastery, because it is an ideal location for taking pictures of Lefkada, the Ionian Sea and the sunset from above. The Cape of Lefkada is also accessible by boat, or by driving down a long twisting road from Vasiliki. The Cape of Lefkada is where the poet Sappho presumed to have flung herself into the water, Lefkada owes its name to this remote Cape, which derives from the Greek word “Lefkas akri” which means white tip.


Castel of Agia Mavra

Another must-see location is the Castel (Castro) of Agia Mavra. You will find this Castle as you enter into Lefkada, before the bridge that connects to the mainland. This exquisite castle was built in the 14th century, up to this date it has gone through excessive amounts of renovations, however, it has been very well preserved. The Castle was built to protect the old town from pirates and other types of enemies. Inside the Castle, there are all types of cultural events that attract visitors all summer long.


Nidri Waterfalls

One of the popular activities in Lefkada is taking a hike up the marvelous Nidri Waterfalls; this activity is perfect for the whole family, while hiking up you will notice the magnificent scenery, once you have reached the top, you can take pictures of the waterfalls or even take a dip in the blue water.