Activities in Lefkada


Many can agree that Lefkada is an excellent destination for wind and kite surfing. This sport is gaining more and more popularity in Lefkada every year with travellers from all around the world travelling to Lefkada to ride the waves. The best and most popular spots for windsurfing are Ponti Beach in Vasiliki and Agios Ioannis beach, close to Lefkada town. Here you can expect to find surfing centres where you can rent the necessary equipment or if you are a beginner, take courses that are offered at both centres.


Ever dreamt of paragliding? Soaring high through the sky, above the Ionian Sea and landing on the warm sand, of some of the most intriguing beaches? Lefkada offers one of the most unique locations to experience the thrill of a lifetime. Skarous Mountain (650 msl/south-east, Katsiki Hills (1000 msl/east), Kathisma Beach (130 msl/west), Exantheia (650 msl/west).
are amongst the most preferred paragliding spots. Here you will find centers with trained professionals/tandem pilots that will take you on your glide down to the shore.

Stand up Paddle-Boarding

Stand Up Paddle-Boarding has become one of the most popular and enjoyable water sports activities in Lefkada for people of all ages. There are many facilities to enjoy the sport in Lefkada such as Horizon water sports in Nidri, Periplous experience in Mikros Gialos and Lefkada paddleboard cruises in Nidri to name a few. Within these centers, you can rent paddle boards and take private lessons from trained professional instructors. Paddle boarding is a unique experience, that will make your trip even more enjoyable than ever.

Boat rental

There’s no doubt that the best way to see Lefkada is by boat! Swim to hidden beaches far away from chaos during the summer months, take beautiful photos, dive of into the clearest water, make memories and live an adventure that are like no other. There are many centres which you can visit to rent a boat, like Sivota bay boats, Stavros Lefkada-rentals and Scorpios boats to name a few. Come to visit one of these centres and make your visit to Lefkada the best it can possibly be.

Cooking classes

While visiting Lefkada great activities to partake in are a few cooking classes to learn all about Greek cuisine and become a master at cooking delicious home cooked and traditional Greek meals. Lefkada food tours and alternative Lefkada are a few companies that offer cooking lessons from the real cuisine experts. Come experience something different and enquire knowledge that will last you a lifetime.

Fishing trip

For those who love fishing and want to either learn and practice the sport or just want to enjoy a day trip with a fishing boat, this is an excellent idea. During a fishing trip, you will be shown different fishing techniques and their history. While on your journey you can also enjoy a swim or even go snorkelling. Lefkada fishing cruises is an amazing tour where you will experience a unique adventure of doing something you never knew you loved.

Private cruises

No holiday is complete without a cruise around the small islands of Lefkada. While visiting Lefkada, a tour around some of the famous beaches like Porto Katsiki, Egremni or some of the more secluded beaches which are only accessible by boat is a must. You can go unravel all the Island has to offer through one of the many different private boat tours like Ionian Rib Cruising and Ionian Blue Yachting to name a few. While on your tour you are sure to fall in love with the plethora of beautiful beaches and mountainous sceneries that are sure to take your breath away.